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The nForce2 Ultra was validated to operate at FSB and was also marketed to have better overclocking potential. Still, we cannot boot this with FSB and synced memory Anyway, When I get home today I will get confirmation on if I am correct that it now will start without a problem. Anyway, There is no shortcuts to a stable environment I’d been looking at getting a new motherboard, and I had been considering an nForce 2 board. Well, good to hear

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Mon Nov 10, 3: Excellent service and super fast delivery.

But I seem to have fixed that now. I’d been looking at getting a new motherboard, and I had been considering an nForce 2 board.

My friend here are still waiting for the Corsairs to arrive, but he is still very much interested in exactly what memory velta you are using to accomplish this marvellous trick. Ok, I have officially declared November the SDplus bad luck month. My friends Corsair-memories are due here on Tuesday, so then we can check this in greater depths, but fact is still that my Gigabyte card had no troubles at all Latest official is V.

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MSI K7N2 DELTA ILSR and Barton + Mhz problems. – Ars Technica OpenForum

Heck I’d even consider Asus, but then it better k7j2, because their support sucks Hehehe, typical, since we use Kingston The Item is built to order. Over the weekend I migrated the stuff from my former best computer into the new case.

Prime95ed the thing for 8 hours last night no problem. What some people have used is v.

MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR, Socket A, AMD Motherboard | eBay

Maybe they can serve in some of the lesser machines There is no shortcuts to a stable environment. Dan Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Hmm, ok, so is there any particular reason you choosed CL3 memory? Even so, most chipset vendors are giving l7n2 full support to Socket-A and the three major AMD motherboard chipset manufactures have all released their latest incarnations.

So, as we don’t like asus around here anymore. And Abit is still under our 5 year quaranteen for bad power-circuits we are running out of options. Feb 12, Posts: So I returned the CPU and reordered a new one.

MSI K7N2 DELTA ILSR and Barton 3000+ 400 Mhz problems.

The reason we went for Gigabyte is not mainly our aversion against Abit and Asus, but we considered all on general opinions about Nforce2 motherboards, and looking at the GA-7NNXP you really have to get really impressed.


Someday I have to learn exactly what all those values does so that I can figure out optimal settings by reason and then confirmed by trial, rather than trying to make reason about trials Sure it’s more expensive than the rest, but it seems worth it. Tue Nov 18, After a whole lot of instability issues with my ILSR, I phoned up the dealer, he asked around at the distributor, and was told that every memory type except for kingston is likely to give problems.

Now, granted, the Q-tec PSU wasn’t very costly. Ok, one of us here has decided to return the Kingston memory and exchange it for Corsair. Supported by the biggest tech community forums. So, I had some boot-problems with the Gigabyte board.

May 11, Posts: Tell us there is another way