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The binary drivers do not yet use the vendor-egl dispatch mechanism that lets you install more than one vendor-supplied libEGL, described at: Select all pacman -S xorg-server-devel xorg-server mesa-libgl Now, to be sure we do things in X we might want to install the basics Code: This page has been accessed , times. Keep reading only if you think you really might need these drivers in such env. See wikipedia page for reference. This is a work in progress and not yet ready for general use.

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However, permissions are still not good: Is there any particular reason why you try to run it with the sunxi mali drivers instead of the ones provided by hardkernel? Select all uname -a Linux odroid 3. Proprietary drivers are also available from the vendor for each Mali version.

Feel free to skip this point. Accept and hide this message. In order to verify if you need this: Package libgles2-mesa-dev is not installed. I’ve been keeping that wiki page up-to-date which whatever 40 been able to figure out, so as far as I know it’s fairly up-to-date.


Instead it is a pure 3D engine that renders graphics into memory and hands the rendered image over to another core that handles the display. Only wayland, fbdev and android are supported after that.

Mali Driver

Would you recommend the fbturbo X11 drivers, or are there others I could try? Select all enabling mali.

Contents 1 Overview 1. If you are not happy with xorh use of these cookies, please review our Cookie Policy to learn how they can be disabled.

After unpacking kB will be used. Qt5 applications compiled from source use the Mesa software OpenGL fallback, which makes them terribly slow.

Arch Linux ARM • View topic – [SOLVED] X11 and Mali Binary Drivers

I have some questions: Does anyone have suggestions on how to enable hardware acceleration for those? I’ll come back to this later. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.

What I’ve written before was: Note that these components are not a complete driver stack. Work on Utgard has continued by a new set of developers lima.


Select all pacman -S xorg-server-devel xorg-server mesa-libgl Now, to be sure we do things in X we might want to install the basics Code: Last edited by WebReflection on Thu Oct 17, 1: This is translated into debian versioning as ‘ ARM Holdings plcdesigned for embedded systems.

I tried to complete the HowTo without building the test, but when I start X11, i get this message in Xorg. The binary driver does an API version check on the kernel driver on start-up. They also require the MaliDRM component also available from this page. Select all pacman -Syu –noconfirm Now xprg need some development package such: Sincethe binary xor put out by ARM have been redistributable and thus can be packaged for non-free.

Then re-installed sunxi-mali from git, with: Is that normal because something changed meanwhile, or did I do something wrong?