It will help you to diagnose the problem and solve it faster. If a message about driver installation is displayed at the first start of the protected program, then the driver is used. Obviosly its not happening to every single system, But to state that the PC is at fault because you have no issue is pure ignorance. For clients For end-users. Therefore please make your way to gamecopyworld.

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Must be something wrong with his computer.

I will contact the CD crackers very soon for news. Restarted the PC and tried again. As user you have to take into account, that if you buy new hardware, for sttarforce, just new motherboard, it may happen, that your favorite games will not run on such system due the hardware incompability with starforce protection.

Activate or diisable application – For applications that can be activated via the Internet and use the DiscFree Technology. For pirated games, where can you get these games from?

Though it looks to starflrce like your asking for advice on how to run pirated games that have had the Starforce protection cracked, In which case slap yourself aound the head for being a douche.

Taking in and out CD is very inconvinient right?

How to disable starforce protection?

Why do you need to find it? Illegal too I guess but easy for lazy ppl. Check driver status – check if the protection driver is installed for the application. And get over it. Dksable hardware incompability appears even than, if you remove all your drives from IDE channel physically and deactivate your IDE channels in BIOS to set needed resources free, also you don’t even need to use our program to find it out.


The file can have any name as specified by the publisher. Technical support Members Area.

StarForce Drivers Removal

How far they will go with their paranoid idea to don’t care about the hardware and software compability of their protection? Yes it is complete drivel. Unpack the archive and tp the sfdrvrem. If they try to reset the channel, they “play” with priority system of windows os, therefore don’t wonder if your computer will crash or after few times starting the starforce protected game in such environment you will not be able to start any windows application more. Does anyone know how to remove StarForce protection tools from a full version game to make the game run?

This went on for about mins until we gave up on it and tried another game. A developer or a publisher of a program decides whether it is necessary to apply protection driver for the application, depending on the required protection level.

Talk about it

I’ve heard that too and my son has Starforce games installed, and he’s never had a problem with his hardware. This whole thread is really pushing rule 4 the one about not discussing warez.

The guy asked a question that some chose to answer well, while others put him on the defensive – I’m just not sure how right that is.


StarForce protected game tries to dlsable ide channel before it begins to check protected disk. StarForce constantly improves their drivers to keep them compatible with the latest versions of Windows operating systems.

Boycott Starforce

Is bypassing CD copy protection a topic that is not allowed? Register event log – Starforcs command allows registering the protected application in system Event Log to run the application tsarforce special modes e.

That aside, any CD drive no matter how good the brand is only for a certain amount of spins, 99 percent of its life is wasted spinning up and spinning down game cd’s so you can prove your not a theif, How would you feel if everytime you switched on your TV you had to spend 3 minutes proving its yours?

Obviosly its not happening to every single system, But to state that the PC is at fault because you have no issue is pure ignorance. I do understand if you ot kids using the CDs though.

Use Subscription form below. July 17, at 3: How many times do I need to say that? Following information is only required for applications protected with driver.