Allows objects to permit other objects to use the credentials of the caller. This value is expressed as time elapsed since You can use the ComputerName parameter of the Get-WmiObject cmdlet even if your computer does not meet the requirements for Windows PowerShellremoting or is not configured for remoting in Windows PowerShell. Device is not working properly. The driver loader for the device is missing.

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I’m boggled how I can list them ALL! Tuesday, February 23, 6: Read-only Number of print-stream pages that the printer renders on one media sheet—unless a job specifies otherwise.

If this string is NULLthe printer is controlled locally. However I can collect the port names and host addresses in a hashtable and look them up manually as I demonstrated in my example.

The Published property indicates whether the printer is published in the network directory service. Strings provided in this property should conform to the semantics and syntax specified by section 4. I was not saying you code was wrong only that using other methods makes gathering the data easier sometimes.


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Tuesday, February 23, 4: My example returns the HostAddress property, but yours does not. Can also be used to describe the banner that a printer might provide at the beginning of each job, or other user-specified options. If you have questions or need assistance, visit our free forum: I have a printer that is IPed.

Typically, amended information is localizable information, such as object and property descriptions, that is attached to the WMI object. HorizontalResolution”Units “pixels per inch” Vertical resolution, in pixels-per-inch, of the printer. Sign up using Facebook.

Win32_Printer class – Windows applications | Microsoft Docs

Schlauge 71 1 1 4. Email Required, but never shown.

Please do not use the comment form to submit questions. Various operational and non-operational statuses can be defined. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Specifies which finishings won32 other capabilities of the Printer will be used by default.

Working with Printers | Microsoft Docs

Using Associators Of can actually do it all in one crack because it can look at the inheritance ad attach to any class that is a “port” of any kind. Read-only Date and time the printer was last reset. Sign up using Email and Wmiobjcet.


ErrorDescription is a free-form string supplying more information about the error recorded in LastErrorCode property, and information on any corrective actions that may be taken. If that does not work, see wmiovject hardware documentation. Specifies which finishings and other capabilities of the Printer are currently being used.

Win32_Printer class

The SetPowerState method can be invoked with the PowerState parameter set to 5 Power Cycle and Wmuobject set to a specific date and time, or interval, for power-on. Windows cannot load the required device drivers. Except you are missing half of what was asked for. A pipeline operator sends the output to the Format-List cmdlet, which adds the PSComputerName property to the default output. Thank you for this.