In your scenario what is the difference between “local” and “per computer”? This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. Identifies the current language being used by the Printer for management. The DefaultPriority property specifies the default priority value assigned to each print job. Wayne In Yak 1 1 5.

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A masquerading printer is printer that is implemented as local printers but has a port that refers to a remote machine. This is used if print job are not being properly queued. If a printer is connected to more than one port, the names of each port are separated by commas. priinter


The StartTime property specifies the earliest time the printer can print a job if the printer has been limited to print only at certain times. To manage the job, use the cmdlets that contain the Wmiobkect cmdlets. I think you are probably wanting something like this? One of its drivers or your registry might be corrupted. JobSize”Units “kilobytes”. Email Required, but never shown. The return value should be 0 if the request was successfully executed, 1 if the wmiobjectt is not supported and some other value if an error occurred.


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SetDefaultPrinter The SetDefaultPrinter method sets the printer to be the default printer for the user who executes the method. The default is the local computer. Note that there are two relevant classes; one addresses “local” printers i. Device is not working properly. The Pause method pauses the print queue. If TRUEthe print job is sent directly to the printer. Array of all the job sheets available on a printer.

powershell – win32_printer not appear in wmiobject (Windows Power Shell) – Stack Overflow

If you remote to a machine using the -computer parameter you can get the remote printers like this. I am using this to attempt to get printr list of printers on a remote computer: Tuesday, February 23, 7: Please use the comment form below to actively submit new content for this page.

This way seems a bit orinter and more efficient Indicates the Win32 Configuration Manager error code. If unsuccessful the printer is not installed. The AveragePagesPerMinute property specifies the rate average number of pages per minute that the printer is capable of sustaining.


By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. HorizontalResolution”Units “pixels per inch” Horizontal resolution of the printer—in pixels per inch.

Tuesday, February 23, By definition a paper size that is available and listed in PaperTypesAvailable should also appear in the PaperSizesSupported property. Windows cannot verify this device’s resources.

The summary of this script will give you the new network Printer paths and the users default printers. CancelAllJobs Cancels all jobs.