It’s an old card and I have the feeling, that it’s getting a little picky. Again this is for PCI card. I had a modem that was listed for all board revisions as usable with Linux and when I got a board revision that didn’t work and sent it as information, I got the reply, that the board version I got, was known as not working with Linux, it just wasn’t listed, because this board revision is very seldom. Therefore I looked at the other members of the Delta series, which seems to have excellent Linux support. From time to time it can be important to access the BIOS configuration.

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I think you have a nice start then. This should be all. Ask the most self-confident “noop” just to size up, if the angle of the card does look right-angled enough and if there’s any latch that is not correctly locked in place. Free forum by Nabble. Perhaps you need to loosen the screws for other cards, to ensure that there’s less tension.

RussMay 5, It’s an old card and I have the feeling, that it’s getting a little picky.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. What is the output of “lspci -s 4: For me, as a beginner in this field, it is hard to tell correct from incorrect.


I updated my post. Without this information it is almost impossible to write a driver.

E-MU 1212m soundcard installation help for the blind

I’ve followed this how-to to compile alsa 1. There are plenty of capable programmers who would s-mu willing to write drivers often for free, and in their own time if the manufacturers would provide them with the information. Is there a symlink ” I am an un lucky guy with an E-mu Tags for this Thread emu mubuntu Its true that the aliasing issues with 48kHz are much improved by using 96kHz but unless you intend to spend a LOT of money on an external AD converter e.

I own the emum card and to me its just as confusing as you pcue any information on it. Mar 7, Messages: Perhaps this was all just a mean promotion trick by Linn…. I think I acutally had to change a few things years ago to suite my kernels.

E-mu PCIe devices

I had to do this and I also had to bend the plate where the cards are screwed. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Hello, Bugs with PCIe versions of this card have been described here: Unfortunately I don’t own one to test or give you more specific information If it is a PCI, it should also show up when you run lspci grep audio.


Someone has either got the info somehow or taken the time to reverse engineer the hardware. And it doesn’t work. The two cards are coorectly connected with the IDE-like cable, but not screwed in.

And maybe you and make it do it automatically. I just noticed that there is no alsa-driver download link on their homepage. They showed their then new network player and promoted their online shop for music downloads.

JACK & Alsa support for E-MU M PCIe?

Also, there are reports e-u varying latency. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

If there are any conceptions how to try force KX installation with uploading firmware from normal m pci I will test it even I could broke it.