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When the unit is plugged into any power source it is impossible to shut it off. Some of the ROM sets are so large that full compatibility lists have not been written. It is difficult to have a perfect compatibility rate with any file that can present itself through varying formats, encode qualities, bit rates, etc, and users who want the Dingoo A strictly for video playback will find they need to be pro-active and manage their own encodes. Again, build problems and minor inconsistencies from the official team have kept this unit from receiving a Golden award. The games range in variety from shooters to puzzle games. The Dingoo a does not have a way to connect two units together, so there is no co-op play available.

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The article and included photos are the property of Widows. This is a very useful feature which allows the file structure to remain organized.

Windows 7 and a | – The Dingoo Community

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Windows Vista and 7 should also recognize the drivers automatically. Windows 7 issues by schanall on Tue May 12, 3: Normally I would not have made such a statement but I can not ignore the fact that four out of the last five Dingoo As I have used had various issues which resulted in their exchange. Instead the reader will find discussions about emulator performance, Dingoo A related support information, unit set-up guides, and additional offsite Dingoo A related URLs.


Team Dingoo released the first unofficial firmware with user customizable theming possibilities.

Most of the features are based on ID3 tags, so if your audio files do not support those tags the search features may not function as expected. This see-through overlay display will timeout after about 5 seconds. Jan 3, From Where??? To make it easier on the user the v1. Registration is fast, simple, and absolutely free, so please, join our community today!

The unit feels well built and the wide screen case style limits hand cramping. When a fully functional Dingoo A arrives you will find no serious internal issues which would cause you to dindows the system to collect dust.

Dingoo A320 Review

The included titles are as varied as driving to fighting and are a nice representation of the hardware abilities. The focus of idngoo review will be on the device, its features, the default Native Operating System and official emulators.

Many games and applications will benefit from over-clocking. Presently, Dingoo Technologies continues to publish comments which state that the Dingoo-HK never existed. Emulator and ROM compatibility and impressions have already been discussed. All options will be discussed briefly and include information related to feature testing. Searching is an on-the-fly process, entering the character A into the box will list files that start with that character.


When I game this way the sound is severely muffled by my fingers. It is mainly windoows for use in embedded systems. The audio quality was exceptional when connected to a stereo receiver.

Dingoo A320 forum

Pressing A starts the recording process while hitting Left on the directional pad goes back one menu and ends the recording process. Windows 7 issues by welshmouse on Thu May 07, No, create an account now. SWF files for playback.

Pressing A selects a character and X removes a character. MP3 format will not fill up the internal memory as quickly as a RAW lossless format.

The voice recorder performs very well and while the internal microphone is useful it is not designed for high quality audio recordings. The battery is on the bottom side and should face forward making it winndows to read any manufacturing markings.

When the unit is fully charged the green battery icon will cease to animate and remain on the screen.