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Similarly, turning up the receive gain results in distortion and echo. The card does not seem able to cope with the line conditions in the UK. The lack of Caller ID might be tolerable if the XP delivered satisfactory voice quality over the phone line, but it absolutely doesn’t. The card was taken from a working system. Does not include stand.

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All pictures are of the actual cards and any signs of wear are minimal.

FXO module X100M for Digium TDM400p TDM410P AEX410 X100P A400p,FXO-100 FXO card VoIP

Using Digium’s advanced quad-port interface modules, series cards can scale from 4 t See pictures for details. Browse Related Browse Related.

Sold as-is, as pictured. Worldwide certifications are x100l. It’s a royal pain in the arse to install and then gives distinctly sub par results when you finally do manage to beat the wretched thing into submission. Although quite a number of manufacturer have ado FXO is an interface that connects to a trunk line, like the one from your service provider. A Review of Sorts Photo set: Some Rights Reserved home stocksys contact about archive rss wiki.


The G is an 8-port FXO analog gateway with the ability to support up to 8 concurrent calls.

Does not include stand. The included echo cancellation lends the PCI card carrier-g It is essentially just a V. The lack of Caller ID might be tolerable if the XP delivered satisfactory voice quality over diyium phone line, but it absolutely djgium. Digging a little deeper, it transpires that Digium has never supported the XP for use in the UK, nor do they ever plan to.

Although quite a number of manufacturer have a I would not recommend the XP to anybody for any purpose, except possibly in order to play a joke on somebody I hated. Also shop in Also shop in.

At last, this yielded some hard earned success:. For the first day, all I could get it to do was:.

– Jumpstarting VoIP Telephony

I wasn’t getting any caller ID information from the Djgium, however. A quick search reveals that the XP does not support the V. In conclusion, this card is piss poor. The card was taken from a working system.


This page was last updated: Digium Analog Cards and Modules. The Series of analog cards supports up to 24 connections per card in your Asterisk system. Our main depot is located in Monrovia, California.

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Given that the card is touted as “Global Line Standards Compatible” and xp.

The card is a clone of Digium’s XP card, which has been discontinued. Once I had finally persuaded Zaptel to initialise the card, it was fairly easy to configure and I was making and receiving calls more or less straight away. The transmitted voice is tinn and faint, turning up the gain to achieve acceptable volume results in a harsh, distorted sound.