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September 27, DCC Guy. Engines operate under their own power independent of the track. Digitrax provides an application to apply the firmware update; the software package runs under Microsoft Operating Systems, and this is the strongly recommended way to apply the PR3 firmware update. It is available for download from: Although not required, it’s also OK to connect a power supply to the PR3. Assemble the PR3 hardware as shown in the diagram below and connect to an appropriate power supply Digitrax PS14 or equivalent. How many locos can I run?

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Other decoders, including decoders from other manufacturers, may draw enough motor current to trip the PR3 internal circuit breakers. The firmware in the PR3 can be updated by downloading the new version ppr3 the Digitrax website and installing it by users.

Just wait a couple seconds and turn the track power back on to recover.

Insulate the unused function leads so they cannot short to the locomotive frame or track power. Many of the units we receive for repair do not need any repairs at all. Other combinations of hardware and software such as Windows 98 may also work, but are not supported by Digitrax, and have not been tested to operate properly.

Product Support for: Computer Control -> SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer (PR3)

When plugged into a command station it is automatically terminated, and when used in stand-alone mode it can self terminate. You should try that first, as it is the most reliable mode. This program allows monitoring of LocoNet message traffic and operations. Become Our Fan On Facebook! Digitrax also provides another program, SoundLoader, designed for loading new sound files into Digitrax sound decoders.


There also are 2 pushbuttons to toggle various settings on and off. You can still ramp the speed up and down with the throttle and listen to how the sound responds, but the motor won’t move the locomotive.

Be sure to select the correct Diigitrax port number that is now associated with this DCS in the software you are trying to use.

SoundFX USB Decoder Programmer

The SFX must only be mounted from the correct side and orientation, for each of the DH host decoders. Before you send any units for repair, please take a few minutes to review our Support Options. It can also be used to download sound information into Digitrax sound decoders and, within its limited current capability, run one locomotive to test it. With the Zephyr in ops mode there were no problems at all.

The Loconet Termination Switch: We’ll get them fixed up and return them to you as quickly as possible.

It also has significantly more capabilities for editing audio than iMovie on my iMac which is what I have been using. If the connected function loads are insufficient for CV readback or an incompatible DCC decoder is also connected, it is still possible to download a complete sound project by If however, you plan to use it to program a lot of sound decoders made by other manufacturers there may be better options for you.

Yes, Digitrax detection and signaling will work with any DCC system. Note that Digitrax only guarantees programming for Digitrax SFX decoders with properly diigitrax loads, etc, but our testing has found that the PR3 will work with many common decoders. After your feedback I decided to reprocess the DigiIPL video, increasing the volume and revising the material a bit.


JMRI Hardware Support – Connecting to a Digitrax PR3 (Xtra)

USB ports are more widely used today. I have listened to the new video on both my iPad and my iMac desktop and it now sounds plenty loud to me. Serial ports are not available on most computers in current production.

Basically it comes down to whether the LED is on more than it is off when it is blinking as opposed to winking. Digital Command Control is incorporated within the Digitrax system to let you control multiple trains independently on the same section of track without blocking.

Shrink may be peeled back to expose pads for adding function wires. The PR2 Programmer is a serial device that connects to a computer via a 25pin serial port. The LokProgrammer is designed to only be used as a stand alone programmer. We suggest using a utility called USBDeview for this purpose. However, the Digitrax PR3 is a horse of a different color in that respect.

It functions on the USB 2.