One thing I really like about this Dell battery is the Express Charge feature. One of the most important parts of a notebook is of course the ease of input, aka how easy it is to type and move the cursor around the screen. If you were to upgrade to the 9-cell you would certainly exceed 3 hours, but at the cost of extra weight and increased notebook size. The D hinges also have a new barrel design to withstand vibration better than past Latitude notebooks. The battery location is rather odd relative to other notebooks in that it is at the front and not the back of the laptop. Visit our network of sites: The D is most interesting in that it adopts a widescreen format, a feature that hereto date really has been pushed more in the consumer channel of notebooks.

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The main vent is on the back area and another vent is located on the left side. The good news is that the much complained about headphone hissing noise experienced with the D seems to be gone with the D The D weighs about 5. The D is certainly faster processor wise than its D predecessor for the equivalent clock cycle processors 1.

Dell Latitude D620 Review (pics, specs)

Dell reckons that business-types will prefer this format too though. I have the 6-cell type battery and it does not stick out at all.

My favorite part about the D is that it has dual navigation via a touchpad or pointing stick input. I am very pleased with this purchase. D above view with lid closed, mouse aside the D for size comparison view large image.


Dell Latitude D Review (pics, specs)

There are several SKUs of the D with differing CPUs, amounts of RAM and various screen resolutions, but some features, as well as accessories such as docking stations, are consistent throughout the range. The full-sized keyboard has a good feel even if it’s a bit mushyand unlike some past Latitudes, key clicks are quiet. The dual mouse buttons have a nice feel and positioned so that rell you use the pointing stick you would use the uppermost buttons and if you use the touchpad you would use the lowermost buttons.

When on power the screen will automatically gva brighter. There are certainly thin-and-lights with better and I prefer to see 3 hours or a little more for a thin-and-light travel notebook. Results are very close except for the graphics tests where the T60 wins due to having a dedicated graphics solution:. Side-by-side comparison of documents, web pages or spreadsheets is an example of common business tasks more easily done on a widescreen.

Dell D screen view large image. Both of its predecessors, the D and the D, resided for long spells on the A List. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. I imagine with the nVidia graphics card option this notebook may get a bit warmer, but with dll configuration I have that uses Intel integrated graphics this is not the case.

The Dell Latitude D is now available from Dell. This Wi-Fi Catcher works whether the notebook is on, off or in deol mode.

Dell Latitude D – External Reviews

The D’s ergonomics are top-notch. It is mostly a dark charcoal-grey almost black inside with silver accents and silver lid.


In fact, one of the major advantages of purchasing a business notebook is that the manufacturer will refrain from installing too much 3rd party software. The D hinges also have a new barrel design to withstand vibration better than past Latitude notebooks. Notice that between the lower mouse button the fingerprint reader is installed for biometric security login.

6d20 Like its big brother, the D has undergone an extensive overhaul, emerging with some sweet new features such as a Please share our article, every link counts! After it was all said and done, that was bad planning on my part and had nothing to do with the laptop. If you get an extended life 9-cell battery it will stick out of the front a bit and create a sort of lip that extends 0.

Below is a graph generated from running HDTune on the D, a hard drive benchmarking application:. The D has been a great machine for me so far, and I am counting on it to continue to serve me well into the next four years. We also appreciate the dedicated volume and mute buttons above the keyboard, as well as the handy Wi-Fi Catcher network locater an LED that indicates if a wireless network is available without turning the system on.

There is some backlight leakage from the bottom and the overall picture is slightly washed out.