There are a few DX10 agp cards that will benefit from having the extra cores when running vantage too. Not entierly sure what I was doing, but in the end it worked. Go To Topic Listing General hardware discussion. Jan 30, at 3: The AGP works with any 1.

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Very easily I already tried some preliminary tests and they are “blown away”.

Now that would be really interesting if you could. ObscureParadox – The E won’t really have very good overclockability on that board though simply because you will be FSB limited very quickly.

Dual-VSTA Examined : ASRock Dual-VSTA (VIA PT Ultra – Core 2 Ready) –

During our time with the board, we’ve tried overclocking with both the Pentium Extreme Edition and a Core 2 Duo E and our results were the same. What is your biggest Pentium 4 Collection?

Seems I tried windows 7 with a 4core board but I have no idea why as I was on better stuff for my main PC when I bought them, unless it was as a stopgap due to other hardware failing.

With that version i’ve managed to install an GT video card – not specified in reccomended video cards from the mobo producer. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Yep, have one Extreme X ready to roll there. Posted July 5, However, the close proximity of the PCIe x16 and AGP slot means that only 775dual-vsga slot cards can be 775dual-vstaa if you intend to go with a multi-monitor setup.


I doubt that rams did not affect the score, even slight secondary timings change 3DMark01 results for me. The same goes for the ridiculous low, medium and high voltage options. I did not have whole bunch of Socket CPU’s, but they are dirt cheap to get some might be even donated for the test and even ATM I got few, that are worth testing:.

As for the impact of settings and stability – well, almost all the settings cause some diferences. It wouldn’t need any change to the hardware, just give us an advanced options setting that would asrodk us what we’re picking. To put it short – I have qsrock idea, what dividers FSB: Posted July 25, Or is there a divider for 3: I mean my old q machine will run anything from 98 to 10 and that just uses a more standard gigabyte board.

ASRock 775Dual-VSTA bios, mod, recap?

So far I only have a little troubles with it, probably related to previous used bad behaviour: Jan 27, at 2: How did you get 4Gb running? Posted July 24, Devon68 Jul 27, Hopefully some more members here can chime in with their experiences.


Very easily I already tried some preliminary tests and they are “blown away” The weak Vcore regulator can be greatly improved by using quality caps and adding the missing caps.

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Feb 1, at Jan 2, Posts: Users browsing this forum: As a fellow AGP bencher, my tip is to just make it simple for yourself and do a Vmod for the memory, it should be well documenteted already for that motherboard so not even any reasearch needed. With 3rd party bios you can use 4G ram 2x2Gwhile last official bios give you only 2G top.

I can’t wait til I have enough money to fully upgrade to a DS3 or that new Abit board. Pretty stable board when you find the right BIOS settings, but it underperforms clock-for-clock compared to most other boards.