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As far as I’m aware ssb shouldn’t affect Intel cards, only broadcom cards, and the Intel ones should be supported out of the box using the kernel modules. If you can connect to an unecrypted or WEP network then the driver and ndiswrapper install all went correctly. D Here’s the output op asked for: Many of us use ndiswrapper as an alternative to the native drivers b43 , as we feel the native drivers have no quite reached a point where they compare with ndiswrapper, usually this relates to only being able to use Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

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Broadcom(HP) BG (BCMKFBG) Wireless Mini-PCIe Card Windows Driver | Wireless Drivers

Can anyone please help how to proceed? The list of cards supported by NDISwrapper can be found here: But afterward, nothing happens.

That will allow it to work again after you reboot. Thank You so much!!! Local Loopback inet addr: Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. I entered line by line what you said and as soon as I enter it all of a sudden works yes!!!


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Ok, switched which step 2 I xxp, installed ndiswrapper-util Kevdog has a great tutorial for connecting to a network using the commandline: Added link to NDISwrapper wiki list of supported cards. Broadcom Corporation BCM It’s a driver I found at the site you gave me.

Hardy behaved oddly with this so I had to work around a bit to get the above to work, it wasn’t as simple as it should be. Needless to say, it seems I have joined the ranks with my wireless problem.


That explained some things for me in a way I can understand. I’m thinking it probably wouldn’t be loaded in the initramfs, but it possibly is still loaded during boot. You could also try killing nm-applet and starting it again. That’s where the ndiswrapper 14e comes from, you can’t load it and therefore can’t have Wireless if you don’t have that module!

Just a word of caution, if you reboot with the wireless switched off, sometimes it doesn’t switch back on again when you come back.

Here’s my output to the generic stuff: It appears as though ndiswrapper is not finding the card at all. If the card is being recognised then you should be fine there.


It just gave me the next prompt. What do you get from the following? I thank you very much for getting my wireless working!

Broadcom(HP) 4311BG (BCM4311KFBG) Wireless Mini-PCIe Card Windows Driver

I am using Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 1. Chrome uses a lot of processes do it may run slower than firefox. Which was very easy to set up. I get the wireless option in the network-manager in the notification area, but there are none wireless networks in the “Wireless Networks”-list.

There is no ‘linux-ubuntu-modules’ meta-package that can be used to install new versions of this package whenever a kernel update is pushed through. Either this file is not a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a 431 archive.

I think Wicd can do wired connections for you, but I’m not certain. You’ll need to use cabextract rather than unzip: Operation not permitted You need to be root! Cell 01 – Sp